There has probably never been spoken more about whisky that in the recent years. Whisky has become synonymous with a gentleman, and who would not be that.
Men in all ages are falling for those golden drops, and more and more have whisky and whisky accessories as collectibles.
By using the Whisky Key there is now a new option for bringing out a new taste in your whisky’s.
Dip, lift and improve..
Sláinte and enjoy!

Whisky Key
Whisky Key
299,00 kr.

The Whisky Key is a product that makes the taste of your whisky softer and smoother and conceals the taste of alcohol and other after tastes to bring out the perfect whisky taste. In a smoky whisky, it delays the smoke flavour so you can better taste – and thus enjoy – the other flavours in your whisky, followed by the smoky taste. Sláinte and enjoy!

The Whisky Key in an exclusive wooden box with sliding lid.

299 DKK = approximately €40, £35, $52